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Teaching at the University of West Georgia – Newnan

by Carrie Carmack

Teaching at the University of West Georgia – NewnanThe fall semester for 2015 began my fifth year of teaching mathematics at the University of West Georgia. I grew up and lived in Arkansas for most of my life, moving to Georgia the month before starting UWG in Carrollton. I wasn’t sure if teaching was what I wanted to continue doing with my life, and not being familiar with the university, I was nervous to begin the school year. However, it was clear to me after the first semester that I was going to enjoy working at UWG. Faculty was encouraging and helpful, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the students were a joy to work with. I had never been so impressed by a student body before. Mathematics is a tough subject, but I was moved by how hard my students worked, how respectful they were in class, and how excited they were to be in college. After two years at UWG, I was then asked to teach a class at UWG in Newnan.

When I taught my first class at Newnan, they were still at the old campus. I took a tour before the semester started, and I saw that it was a small facility, but the staff working at the campus was friendly and welcoming. I knew my class would also be small, and I was looking forward to that, but what would my students be like? Would they be as great as my students in Carrollton were?

Yet again, I was impressed. The students who attend UWG-Newnan are outstanding. They work hard, they come to class prepared, and they are an absolute pleasure to teach. Although teaching in Newnan is a little bit out of the way for me, when asked, I will always accept.

I was fortunate enough to receive a class this summer at UWG-Newnan, at the new facility. It is a beautiful campus and now has plenty of room for the growing student body. I’m excited to see the growth, and I am grateful to be a part of this remarkable institution.

Carrie Carmack teaches in the Department of Mathematics at UWG.

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