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Two UWG Doctoral Nursing Students Receive Jonas Leadership Scholarship

by Nikole Gianopoulos

The Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare recently chose the University of West Georgia to participate in the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program for two years with a $20,000 grant to support two Ed.D. Jonas nurse leader scholars.

Two UWG Doctoral Nursing Students Receive Jonas Leadership Scholarship

Left to right: Dr. Jenny Schuessler, Maryanne Sandberg, Ann Elliott, Dr. Michelle Byrne and Dr. Susan Welch

The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program was created in 2008 to support educational development of new nursing faculty. The grants, made through institutional awards, also prepare doctoral candidates to help students address the needs of future patients. Additionally, the Jonas Center grant is a part of a national effort to stem the faculty shortage and prepare future nurses as America’s healthcare system continues to evolve.

The Bowden Hospital Authority Board members and an anonymous donor each provided matching funds of $10,000 to UWG meeting the requirements for the scholarship program.

The Jonas nurse leader scholarship generally gives out 1-4 scholarships per state, and this year UWG was given two. The scholarship recipients include Maryanne Sandberg and Ann Elliott, who are a part of the doctorate of education program at UWG.

“I love being a nurse, and I am excited to interact with the other scholars and participate in leadership development opportunities,” says Maryanne, who also believes the program will help her grow as a nurse leader and be a positive influence on other nurses.

“I'm so grateful for the leadership opportunities that have already opened up for me as I have started to work with the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare,” the other scholarship recipient Ann exclaims. “The scholarship promises to be a great aid in helping me to achieve my doctorate in nursing education and to help other nurse educators achieve this milestone too."

The Ed.D. program recipients are currently nurse faculty, and this degree will assist them in perfecting their roles as academic educators addressing the serious shortage of doctorally prepared nurse educators in the U.S.

“The faculty and students of this program are superb in every way. The fact that that we have two Jonas Scholars this year attests to that fact,” states Dean of the Tanner Health System School of Nursing Dr. Jenny Schuessler, who is excited to be a part of such a prestigious national program.

Ann and Maryanne will be joining an elite group of nearly 600 Jonas Nurse Leaders/Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholars from around the country.

“Not only does the Jonas Scholars program provide monies to our top students, but the program also provides superb opportunities for leadership development and networking with hundreds of scholars across the country,” explains nursing professor Dr. Michelle Byrne who authored the grant proposal. “I am proud that UWG is recognized through this prestigious national initiative, and I look forward to working with Maryanne and Ann as their mentor.”


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