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Letters to the Editor

Fall 2014 Enrollment:

Letter to the Editor"I read your article, UWG Enrollment Notably Increases for Fall. I want to let you know that it was very informing, especially where you discussed the 'At-Risk Alerts' that are now in place. I had no idea that the school had these. As a freshman, I'm happy to know that the teachers do care and are willing to help. Another interesting point you discussed was the new class planning tool. I was aware of that, and I do appreciate that as well. West Georgia caters to its students and offer many informational social events, which i enjoy and often try to take advantage of. I do understand why the enrollment rate went up, and I am happy that I Went West." -Tazha Neely


Football Season:

Letter to the Editor"Thank you for the article on the football team’s historic victory at Tuskegee, Wolves Win First Playoff Game in Division II History. This is my 20th season in the football department, and the Tuskegee game was my fifth post-season play off game. But it was the first, and only, victory, and I am so proud of this team and the young men who lead it! I am also proud of the growing numbers of UWG students, faculty, and staff who have shown up this season to support our student athletes. Your article on the Tuskegee game will further spread the news that there is something special going on in Wolves football, and hopefully plant seeds of interest for next year’s season.

"Today we are making plans for the student athletes to have a Thanksgiving lunch on campus as they continue to prepare for Delta State, and the trip to Cleveland, Mississippi this Saturday. What an experience it is for them, and with one of the largest groups of departing seniors in recent years (18), I am so thankful for the great memories they will take with them when the season ends.

"Go, West! Go, Wolves!" -Sandy Nix

Lillian Williams Exhibit:

Letter to the Editor"I would like to say that I think that UWG Holds Exhibit to Honor Lillian Williams is a wonderful article, and it is going to be a wonderful exhibit that you are putting together in Mrs. Williams's honor. After reading this article, I realized something--I was once her student. She was my first grade teacher at Sand Hill Elementary school, and I loved and enjoyed her dearly. The first thing that struck me about this article was not only her last name but her smile. Believe it or not my parents remember her, and it isn't many of my teachers they remembered. I remember her hard work with each student. There were many parent-teacher conferences to review my progress in her class, which was very good of course. I hope to be able to visit this exhibit, and I know that if she was still with us she would be very proud. Thank you!" -Calandra Lewis


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