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Archives Ranks UWG in Best Online Criminal Justice Programs

UWG Awards First Doctorate in Nursing (AC Online), a leading resource for online learning and college affordability information, has released its third annual ranking for the 2015-2016 Best Online Criminal Justice Programs. The University of West Georgia has been ranked number eight in this prestigious ranking.

“Credit for this award belongs to the pioneering leaders and faculty in the College of Social Sciences,” said Associate Dean of Online Development, Dr. Jason Huett. “This is one of the best and most innovative criminology programs in the country with an unwavering commitment to excellence in online education and student success. UWG Online is proud to support their efforts.” Read more ...

Ed.D. Student Nationally Recognized for School Improvement Efforts

Site Ranks Online Graduate Reading Instruction Program Top 13 in NationLithia Springs High School has always held a special place in the heart of Jessica Ainsworth, a University of West Georgia alumna and current Ed.D. student. Her father worked at Lithia Springs as an at-risk teacher for 14 years. However, when she had to return to write a school improvement grant, she faced a challenge.

“I didn’t want to go to Lithia because I didn’t think I could make a difference,” Jessica shared. “But what I found at Lithia was a staff and student body that can be characterized by perseverance.” Read more ...

UWG Awards First Doctorate in Nursing Education

UWG Awards First Doctorate in Nursing EducationHistory will be made at the University of West Georgia’s summer graduation ceremony on July 25. The Tanner Health System School of Nursing will see its first graduate earning a Doctor of Education in nursing education walk across the stage.

The Ed.D. in nursing education online program admitted its first cohort of students in the fall of 2012. Now, after 60 semester hours and 12 dissertation credit hours, Jaime Carter will be the first student to whom UWG will award an Ed.D. in nursing education. Read more ...

Teacher as Travel Guide

Teacher as Travel GuideWhen I was a freshman, like many of my peers, I thought that education was a passive process, an absorption of knowledge from my professors and the textbook. It wasn’t until I began to teach that I realized that preparing a lecture would deepen and broaden my knowledge in a way that hours of traditional study never would.

Teacher as Travel GuideI wasn’t the only one who noticed this. Twenty years ago, other educators were also exploring the opportunities engendered by student-centered teaching and active learning activities that require the instructor to support and guide as students take center-stage in the learning process. Today, many educators have made the transition from the “sage on the stage” to the “guide by the side” as we help our students be engaged with the material in meaningful ways. Read more ...

Smarthinking - Tutoring for Everyone!

Smarthinking - Tutoring for Everyone!While I was a student at West Georgia, I never sought help from a tutor or the Writing Center on campus, and I rarely approached my professors. I certainly could have benefitted from their assistance, but I was too self-conscious. I didn’t like the idea of having someone scrutinize my work and thought processes right in front of me. These same feelings of inadequacy kept me from speaking up in the classroom and being an active participant in discussions. Had online courses been an option for me then, I think I may have thrived and taken advantage of those resources.

When thinking about those who might benefit most from taking online courses, we cite military personnel, working adults, single parents, those seeking career advancement, etc. Read more ...


KaleidoscopeHave you heard of Complete College Georgia? It is an initiative to get adult learners in Georgia back to school. It is projected by the year 2020 that over 60 percent of jobs in Georgia will require somewhere between a postsecondary certificate and a bachelor’s degree, but only about 42 percent of the state’s working class have that level of education. The Complete College Georgia website goes on to say that for Georgia to be competitive, we not only have to maintain our current graduation rates, but graduate an additional 250,000 working adults in the near future.

As a result, the state has instituted a number of initiatives to help adults return to school, such as Go Back Move Ahead, and for those looking for online programs, GeorgiaOnMyLine. Read more ...

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